The Underground NYC Sex Clubs You Need to Explore

Having sex in a New York City apartment is… fine (should you have the pleasure of not sharing a thin wall with your roommate, and can also somehow cancel out sounds of honking taxis and heavy smells of garbage mixed with cigarette smoke). But if you’re looking to change up your bedroom routine and get a little outside your comfort zone, there are plenty of underground sex scenes in NYC to explore — most of which are far less intimidating than the phrase “underground sex scene” may lead you to believe.

Skirt ClubVarious locations

This popular London-based party, where every night is ladies’ night, opened an NYC chapter back in 2016. The women-only club is a place for bi-sexual or bi-curious femmes to come together to explore their boundaries and curiosities, whatever that may mean. Parties are held on a monthly basis at various locations throughout the city and …

Inside New York City’s Most Elite Private Sex Club

Members-only sex clubs abound in New York City, with underground orgies, costumed sex parties, and swingers’ revelries, but a secretive bacchanal called NSFW is catering to a different breed of naughty New Yorkers.

Described as “a private club for the adventurous,” NSFW just opened its members-only doors in January, and is a highly exclusive community of sexually daring elites, where members attend exclusive parties, erotic events, and sexy classes taught by world-class instructors.

Membership is restricted to “young, influential and creative New Yorkers,” and the application process isn’t an easy one. “The Council” does a lengthy social life background check on potential members, and digs up dirt on their “social status, ambitions, inner circle, and desire to raise a little hell.”

Then, they’re vetted at one of the club’s events to ensure they’re worthy of becoming a member, and once approved, members “pay their dues,” and finally gain access to …

A Guide to New York City’s Sex Scene

There are many sides to New York. There is the eclectic food scene that acts as a treasure trove to self-proclaimed foodies. There is diverse art bringing together classical, urban, modernist and surrealism. There is the thriving music with underground concerts and open air festivals. Then there’s the sex scene with its swinger clubs and BDSM gatherings. Here’s the real Sex and the City, sans Carrie Bradshaw and her Manolos.

The Museum of Sex

For a tame foray into New York’s sexier side, the Museum of Sex—cheekily known as ‘MoSex’—holds an array of exhibitions that chronicle the evolution of sexuality through the years. According to the website, “the museum produces exhibitions, publications and programs that bring the best of current scholarship on sex and sexuality to the widest possible audiences and is committed to encouraging public enlightenment, discourse and engagement.” Current exhibitions include: The Sex Lives of Animals and the …

NYC swingers sex parties are feeling the pinch of the tough economy

You know it’s a tough economy when the swinger sex scene is feeling a chill.

At the Carousel Couples Club in midtown, swingers and those curious about the lifestyle sat on sleek black couches beneath big-screen TVs with muted sex scenes. Some DDeviousDelights’s Fall Fantasy Party attendees stepped behind sheer curtains and onto private nooks’ mattresses. But the party remained relatively tame.

A couple lingering near the bar explained that the sluggish economy has thinned out local swinging parties, saying, “If you want to save money, you can stay home and get laid for free.”

Like the roaming party DDeviousDelights, most New York City swinging venues are suffering from the economic malaise. The recession has left both stationary swinging clubs and roaming adult parties with lackluster event attendance and shorter membership lists.

“They used to say sex was an industry that was not affected by the recession — that’s not …

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Why NYC is the best place to satisfy your fetish for swinger parties

New York City is where it’s happening. Regardless of what you’re looking for — hip underground art or big business — the Big Apple is home to it all. Nevertheless, a city with such a high reputation wouldn’t be anything if it lacked in what it offers sexually.


Although Manhattan, Queens, and other NYC boroughs aren’t what they were back in the ‘70s and ‘80s — before the Giuliani era — there’s still a hardcore kink and fetish scene burning strong. What’s more, if you’re into swinging, New York is the place to visit.


In the following five paragraphs, we’ll explain why married couples who enjoy open relationships find happiness and satisfaction in the boroughs. Hopefully, you’ll follow their lead and enjoy some unforgettable days and nights in swinger clubs across Hudson.

NYC People Are Adventurous People

Most laypeople associate swinging with Los Angeles and California. Aside

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