50 Fantastic Dragon Dildos (Including Affordable Alternatives to Bad Dragon)


Looking to add a little fantasy to your bedroom fun? Dragon dildos are all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. They’re not just toys; they’re vibrant, intricate pieces of art designed to take your pleasure to mythical heights. But with so many options out there, it can be tough to find the perfect one that balances quality, affordability, and that elusive wow factor. Ever wondered if a $14.89 dragon dildo can deliver as much fun as a high-end model? Or how a glow-in-the-dark feature might spice up your nighttime escapades? You’re not alone! From the beginners seeking gentle textures to the seasoned pros craving monstrous sizes, this guide covers 50 fantastic dragon dildos, including some wallet-friendly alternatives to the popular Bad Dragon brand.

9.6′ Monster Dildo Huge Fantasy Dildo with 2 Big Knots, Dragon Dildo Thick Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Dog Dildo Animal Horse Dildo Silicone Knot Dildo Big Anal Toys, Adult Toys for Women Men

For adults only

This 9.6-inch monster dildo by Catkoco is a pastel-colored fantasy brought to life. It’s like someone turned a unicorn dream into a knotted pleasure device. Alexandria from the U.S. raves, “The silicone is extremely soft, and the design of the toy is perfect for anal play.” Want to be filled to the brim? This bad boy’s got you covered with a thick 2.76-inch diameter and strong suction cup for hands-free fun. Devin Yates couldn’t keep it to himself, saying, “The knots… I think I’m in love.”

Colorful fantasy dildo

Every piece is unique, thanks to special color mixing techniques. Imagine sliding this textured shaft inside and feeling every bump and ridge. Stella couldn’t get enough, “The two knots make it so pleasurable… the tip is so stimulating.” Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate, this toy’s got the girth and length to keep you on your toes—or your back.

Suction cup dildo for hands-free play

This product is built to last, with a robust, quality silicone material. Stick it to any smooth surface and let the magic unfold. Darla insists, “Buy this dildo NOW! It’s so pretty… and the suction cup is one of the best I have seen yet!” The discreet packaging means your secret stays safe, and the after-sales service ensures you’re always satisfied.

8.1 inch Realistic Dragon Dildo, Huge Silicone Dildos with Powerful Suction Cups, Soft Adult Sex Toys for Women Men, Anal

Thick dragon dildos

LEEWEDENG’s 8.1-inch dragon dildo is a bargain at $14.89. It’s perfect for advanced users who want a reliable, firm toy. One forum user mentioned, “If you’re looking for the cheapest dragon dildo you can get… it doesn’t get much better than this.” It’s made from liquid silicone, making it soft and flexible but still firm enough to get the job done.

Powerful suction cup

This purple-pink beauty sticks to any smooth, hard surface and is harness and strap-on compatible. Neotori fans will appreciate the quality and quick shipping. One user noted, “Their toys are incredibly high-quality… and their shipping/processing is usually very quick.” Hand wash it and pat it dry, and you’re good to go for the next round.

Waterproof & easy to clean

Waterproof and easy to clean, this toy is both practical and pleasurable. Whether you’re using it solo or with a partner, its suction cup base allows for hands-free fun. As another user pointed out, “As long as you enjoy firmer textured toys, you probably won’t regret spending that 20 bucks.”

2.88” Diameter Huge Realistic Dog Knot Dildo, 9.5 Inch Silicone Big Thick Bad Wolf Dildos with Suction Cup, Fantasy Canine Animal Dragon Anal Plug Penis, Handmade Sex Toy for Women Male

Great toy!

ENAMORADOS offers this 9.5-inch pink dog knot dildo for $25.99, designed for those who have gathered some experience. e watts from the U.S. said, “Every bit the equal of any of the big-name toys. The knot is mild and gentle to take.” Made of 100% soft, safe silicone, this toy boasts a flexible shaft with vein texture for a realistic feel.

Suction cup base for free to play

The strong suction cup base ensures it stays put, whether on tiles, tables, or shower floors. Amber Lantz had a delightful surprise, “I thought I had ordered the 7 inch, but was shocked to find I must have ordered the 10 inch instead… I love it, despite the very tight fit.” It’s also easy to clean; just boil it for 5-10 minutes to fully sanitize.

Colors without color leak

Handmade and hand-mixed, no two dildos are exactly alike, ensuring your toy is as unique as you are. Unionpacificdenver shared, “Perfect size in length and the knot at the bottom. She loves it. Lots of fun to wind her up with it.” The discreet packaging keeps your privacy intact, making it a perfect addition to your collection.

Dragon Dildo, 6.7 Inch Clear Dildo with Suction Cup for Hand-Free Play, Fantasy Dildo Adult Toys for Beginner Women and Couple

Unique design

Wdrssfys brings you a 6.7-inch clear dragon dildo for just $6.99. This toy features dragon scale spines and raised tentacles for a new level of stimulation. Timothy couldn’t get enough, “The ridges and nubs satisfy all the right spots for my wife.” Made from safe, soft TPE material, it’s flexible yet firm.

Powerful suction cups

The sturdy suction cup base keeps your hands free for other activities. Tee noted, “Suctions to almost anything.” It’s packaged discreetly, so your secrets stay safe. Hand wash it and you’re ready for the next adventure.

Discreet delivery

This dildo is perfect for beginners, offering a unique texture and size without being too intimidating. Katie W. shared, “Super nice material, holds lube nicely. Cleans up well too.” Just make sure to use plenty of lube and enjoy the ride!

7.5′ Fantasy Dildo Monster Dildo with Balls U & G-spot Dragon Dildo with Suction Cup, Long Anal Plug Adult Sex Toys & Games for Women Men Couples (Sunset Dragon)

A real visual treat

Crafted with a hand-molding technique, this 7.5-inch dragon dildo is not just a toy but a piece of art. It’s made from 100% silicone, ensuring it’s safe and comfortable. The suction cup base makes it perfect for hands-free play, whether you’re in the shower or on the bedroom floor. Kayla from the USA raves, “That knot tho!” And Jamie Sommers adds, “A very large fantasy dildo, good finish and look. Great value!”

Perfect for beginners and pros alike

This medium-sized toy is perfect for both g-spot and anal play. With 5.8 inches insertable, it offers a fulfilling experience. Anonymous1 says, “This thing is big! I mean, it is a blast to play with.” And let’s not forget Carla Grey who was impressed by its high quality: “This silicone dragon cock have even better appearance than in the pictures and feels like the real thing.”

8.2′ Monster Dildo Silicone Dragon Dildo, Luminous Fantasy Dildo Soft Knot Dildo Suction Cup Dildo, Realistic Huge Dildo Thick Alien Dildo, Glow in The Dark Dildo, Adult Toys for Women Men

Glows in the dark for extra fun

This 8.2-inch dragon dildo comes with a unique glow-in-the-dark feature, making nighttime play more exciting. Made from premium silicone, it’s soft yet firm, providing a great balance between flexibility and stability. Steve notes, “Fun glow in the dark toy and the knots are crazy,” while Krystal Lynn loves the suction: “The suction is probably the strongest I’ve seen on one before.”

Unique design for a unique experience

The dildo’s color and pattern are random, ensuring you get a one-of-a-kind piece. It also has a super-strong suction cup for hands-free fun in various settings. Beetle couldn’t get enough, saying, “10/5 stars, this is the only toy I can use slowly and still have my eyes roll back.” Jimmy, however, found it a bit small for his taste but acknowledged its beginner-friendly nature: “It’s rather small insertable length, and small diameter size has this one rating much lower.”

8.66 inch Dragon Dildo with Strong Suction Cup for Hands-Free Play, Huge Realistic Monster Dildo Anal Plug Prostate Massager Adult Sex Toys for Men & Women (Blue)

Beautiful design and strong suction

This 8.66-inch blue dragon dildo is as visually stunning as it is functional. Made from TPE, it’s soft and sensual, perfect for g-spot and prostate stimulation. Lucifina loves the transparency and vibrant color, stating, “The gradient colors paired with the textured design are truly something to see.” The suction cup is also a hit, with Katie W. noting, “Suction cup is super strong.”

Not for beginners

This toy is on the larger side and may not be suitable for beginners. Sarge warns, “The jagged ridges can be a little painful on the delicate parts,” but finds it great for g-spot stimulation. Zero wishes it was firmer but appreciated its glow-in-the-dark feature: “Overall, a nice fantasy toy without breaking the bank.”

Realistic Colorful Dragon Dildo Anal Plug, 8.58 Inch Soft Flexible Liquid Silicone Dildo Thick Anal Bead Adult Sex Toy with Strong Suction Cup

Soft yet firm

Made from liquid silicone, this 8.58-inch dragon dildo is soft but firm, providing a unique experience. It’s waterproof and easy to clean, making it a practical choice. Darren from the USA says, “Pretty good, but wish it was 1cm bigger in girth.”

Perfect for adventurous play

The sturdy suction cup allows for hands-free fun on various surfaces, adding to the toy’s versatility. This colorful dragon dildo is a great addition to any collection, offering both visual appeal and functional pleasure.

Monster Dildo Huge Fantasy Dildo, Large Realistic Silicone Long Dildos for Women, 11.8 Inch Thick Anal Knot Horse Dragon Dildo, Big Ribbed Fat Animal G Spot Prostate Massive Fake Penis

Big and bold

This massive 11.8-inch dragon dildo is not for the faint-hearted. Made from premium silicone, it’s body-safe and durable. Judas loves its appearance, saying, “In person, the item is red and black looking. It’s very nice to look at and squishy.” The grooves provide amazing stimulation, making every thrust a new adventure.

Perfect for seasoned users

With a powerful suction cup, this dildo can be used on various surfaces for hands-free pleasure. NaughtyAnubis approves, stating it’s a solid horror toy perfect for Halloween. Nikky Errickson adds, “I’m glad that I took a chance on this toy. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”

8.8 Inch Dragon Dildo, Powerful Suction Cup, Hands Free Design, Liquid Silicone Material, Soft Anal Plug, Prostate and G-Spot Massage for Men and Women

definitely a pleasing toy

Are you up for a wild ride? This 8.8 inch dragon dildo by Ueegiig is like a mystical beast ready to take you on an adventure. Azrakhul from the United States says, “The detailing on the toy is impressive, and the mystical coloration makes it eye-catching.” With a soft liquid silicone material, it’s gentle yet firm. The tapered tip ensures easy insertion, while the raised tentacles provide extra pleasure.

awesome quality, but a bit bigger than expected

The powerful suction cup is perfect for hands-free play. You can stick it on any smooth surface, and it won’t budge, even during intense action. mBeded notes, “I suctioned it to a table and slapped it around a bunch; it held on like a speedbag.” However, be warned—it’s not for beginners. TJ advises, “Go slow for the first time and lube is your friend.”

8.8 Inch Simulated Dildo for Men and Women, Sex Toys Dragon Dildo Silicone Large Anal Dildo with Powerful Suction Cups, Adult Dildo for Women, Vagina G SPO Anal Plug

omg! sexual satisfaction

This 8.8 inch simulated dragon dildo by XINDAGS promises a journey to another world. Rily Gilkerson shares, “After horrible relationships, this item brought sexual satisfaction without the drama.” With a soft liquid silicone material, it’s healthier and more durable. The curved shape and ridges are perfect for g-spot and prostate stimulation.

happy with purchase

Lady Simmons highlights its flexibility and easy cleaning: “Soft silicone is very flexible and easy to clean. So many different textures!” The powerful suction cup allows for hands-free fun on hard, smooth surfaces. John Doe mentions, “The toy’s shape and texture felt great during play, though it didn’t stay in place while in use.”

Realistic Dragon Dildo, 10inch Big Thick Dildos with Knots Long Dog Silicone Dildo Monster Strap On Anal Dildos Anal Sex Toys for Women Men and Couples

huge but flexible

If you’re ready to step up your game, the 10-inch realistic dragon dildo by HANXUEBER is calling. James Williams says, “The firmness could be improved, but the size is amazing.” With a girthy 2.9-inch width and a big knot, this toy is for the advanced player. The hand-mixed colors make each dildo unique and visually stunning.

amazing, but not for beginners

Paige warns beginners: “I underestimated the size. The first knot was a bit to handle, but amazing.” The firm suction cup ensures it stays put even on wet surfaces. Santiago adds, “The second knot makes you feel incredibly full. Would recommend for anyone looking for a knot toy.”

Reproduction Real Handmade Monster Dildo, 2.2′ Diameter Realistic Silicone Dildos,Soft Large Penis with Strong Suction Cup, Flexible Lifelike Thick Dick for Men Women & Couples, Big Adult Anal Sex Toys

accurate to photos and description

For those who crave realism, the 5.93-inch handmade monster dildo by Reproduction is a dream. Dick Kickem confirms, “Dimensions were true to description! Insertable length: 5.5 inches, girth: 4.5 inches, diameter: 1.43 inches.” Handcrafted with care, it features realistic veins and folds.

very thick and real feeling

Eric finds it perfect for backdoor play: “Feels very real and very thick. It will give you a good stretch for sure.” The strong suction cup allows for versatile use, and the high-quality silicone makes cleaning a breeze. Sarah exclaims, “It’s nicer than some more expensive items in my collection. Buy it!”

Dog Ovipositor Dildo with 5 Eggs Luminous Dildo, 8inch Inflatable Pump Dragon Dildo with 5 Balls Laying Eggs Sex Toys for Women and Couples


Step into a fantasy with the 8-inch dog ovipositor dildo by HANXUEBER, designed for laying eggs. CD remarks, “Neat toy, but instructions would have been nice.” The luminous color adds an extra layer of excitement, glowing in the dark after absorbing light.


Micheal Hladchuk loves the fit: “Fills me perfectly, love the color and material.” The high-quality silicone is soft and comfortable, making it easy to clean. The inflatable pump mechanism ensures the eggs are laid smoothly, providing a unique experience for adventurous souls.

Thrusting Dildo Vibrator Sex Toy – 10 Inch Bad Dragon Dildo

Good design, performance, and suction cup

Looking for a toy that’s going to rock your world? This 10-inch Bad Dragon Dildo might just be your new best friend. With 7 thrusting modes, it’s like having a personal rollercoaster ride for your G-spot. Brian says, “The motor was completely sufficient,” and he’s not kidding. This toy’s exterior is soft and smooth, yet the interior is firm enough to get the job done. It even charges wirelessly, so no more fiddling with cables.


AmandaB587 says it’s her first dildo that she’s truly enjoyed, and she’s been recommending it to all her friends. The texture may look intimidating, but it feels surprisingly good. And yes, the thrusting feature is a game-changer. The suction cup? Strong enough to stick to your door or even your refrigerator. Talk about versatility!

The best thing that has ever happened in this world!

Dana Revesz is absolutely smitten with this toy, saying it’s the best thing that has ever happened to her. She even wants to buy four more! And for those long, intense sessions, the battery life is perfect, lasting up to 60 minutes on a single charge. So why wait? Hit that “buy now” button and start experiencing the pleasure you’ve been missing.

18.9Inch Extra Jelly Material Realistic Dildos Clear Dildo

Extremely intense small tapered to large girth

This 18.9-inch clear dildo is not for the faint of heart. It’s a beast that demands respect. Micah Woody says, “The flexibility is needed for full insertion,” but it can be a challenge to get the first 12 inches in. After that, the remaining 6.5 inches just glide in. The scales on this toy are immense, offering a unique experience that’s hard to beat.

Soft TPE Material

Made from soft TPE material, this dildo is gentle on your sensitive parts. The dragon scales bring a unique sensation that’s perfect for G-spot and anal play. And let’s not forget its strong suction cup, which allows for hands-free fun on any flat surface. Whether you’re in the shower or on the bathroom floor, this toy is ready to please.

Dragon Dildo Sex Toys 7.7 Inch Huge Dildo

A great starter monster!

Jordan Finch thinks this 7.7-inch dragon dildo is perfect for beginners. With a strong suction cup, it sticks to walls and floors, making it versatile for various positions. The unique shape and texture offer a surprising amount of pleasure. Hawthorne adds that the softness and firmness of the toy make it one of the best they’ve used.

Soft yet firm shape!

HungxHungry praises the soft yet firm texture, saying it allows for slick play. The suction cup is strong, and the toy’s design is well thought out. Pedro compares it to the popular Bad Dragon, noting that the texture is very soft and gummy. If you’re looking for a fantasy toy that’s always in stock, this is the one to get.

Great Fantasy Toy

Ellie appreciates the accessibility of this toy, as it’s hard to get fantasy toys from small businesses. The texture is extremely well-made, and the swirled pour is gorgeous. Arabella loves the strong suction and the perfect size, making it an excellent addition to any collection.

2.3′ Diameter Huge Monster Dildo: 8.5′ Thick Big Silicone Dildos

So gorgeous, amazing color

Varsity can’t get enough of the colors on this 8.5-inch monster dildo. The pastel hues are a feast for the eyes, and the texture is super soft yet firm enough for use. Tony Christensen calls it “a bit of a beast,” but he’s excited to work his way up to fully using it. The base sticks to surfaces really well, making it versatile for different positions.

HUGEeeeeeeee!!!!! Get it!!!

Julie was pleasantly surprised by the size and quality of this toy. The cotton candy look is adorable, and the design hits all the right spots. Brieanne finds it a bit too thick but imagines it would feel amazing with all its texture. If you’re into pastel colors and a challenging size, this one’s for you.

2” Diameter G Spot Monster Realistic Dildo

High quality love it

Kam Kirk finds the quality of this 9.76-inch red monster dildo amazing. The rubber feels nice and has a good weight to it. Lil Rey says, “OMG! Hurts so good!” This toy hits the P spot and goes through every nerve ending for an extreme leg-shaking feeling. It’s a bit rigid, so lots of lube is recommended.

Worth the investment

Duit2u believes this dildo is the perfect size for adventures. The color is vibrant, and the big head makes it pleasurable. Wesley is happy with the product’s quality, while Don Fox mentions it’s big but not too daunting. If you’re looking for a toy that feels real and offers intense stimulation, this one’s a great choice.

ferch 2.6” Diameter Huge Thick Dildo, Realistic Silicone Dildos with Strong Suction Cup for Hands-Free and Anal Play, G-spot Giant Dildo Anal Sex Toys for Experienced Woman and Men

Not for novices

This whopping 2.6-inch diameter dragon dildo is a beast for those with experience. One user remarked, “This one is for experts with experience only.” At $27.99, it boasts a total length of 9.5 inches with 6.3 inches insertable. The dual-density design ensures it’s soft on the outside but firm inside, making sure it doesn’t easily deform.

Natural color equals firmer

For those who prefer a firmer feel, the natural color version might be your best bet. One review shared, “I had the natural color variety for a while and really got enjoyment from it. This one is softer, and doesn’t stay suctioned or remain standing on its own.” The pink, blue, and black hues look visually appealing, but if firmness is a priority, choose wisely.

Inadequate suction cup

Not all feedback was glowing. Ralph DLS pointed out, “The material needs to be WAY softer with a big ol guy like this, too rigid.” The suction cup didn’t impress everyone either. Ensure you’ve got enough lube on hand for a smoother experience.

18.2 Inch Dragon Dildo, Liquid Silicone Soft Monster Anal Plug with Strong Suction Cup, Prostate Massage, G-Spot Stimulation, Glow-in-The-Dark Toy, Suitable for Men and Women

Make sure you get this one

Standing tall at 18.2 inches, this dragon dildo is a sight to behold. ChefOfLove raved, “This is an amazing piece to have.” With a usable length of 16 inches and a circumference that varies from 4.5 to 6.5 inches, it promises a fulfilling experience. Its glow-in-the-dark feature adds a touch of fun for those adventurous nights.

It’s good, bruh

One user noted, “The bottom does have a carve-out concave space that means it’s supposed to be able to stick to a flat bathroom wall.” However, they faced some issues with the cut on one side of the bottom, affecting its suction ability. This toy is versatile, suitable for both prostate and G-spot stimulation, and perfect for those who love a bit of nighttime glow.

Breaks down

Not all experiences were positive. Bao shared, “Breaks down over a few months. Wouldn’t recommend. Material comes off when washing in the sink.” So, while it offers a lot, longevity might be a concern.

Realistic Dragon Dildo 10.2inch Thick Black Horse Dildo with Knots and Suction, Huge Pink Silicone Monster Dildo Anal Plug Toys for Women and Couples

Perfect size fun for a great price

At $39.99, this 10.2-inch dragon dildo with knots offers a unique experience. Matthew mentioned, “The feeling once you get the last knot in is absolutely phenomenal!” It’s made of premium silicone and features a strong suction cup, allowing for hands-free fun on various surfaces.

Cheap price equals cheap quality

However, not everyone was thrilled. Shelly highlighted multiple issues, including, “The suction cup doesn’t work, the entire toy is bent, too flimsy.” It seems this dildo might not be as sturdy as some would like.

It’s great

For those looking for a balance, My fetish shared, “It’s true on the size. The only thing I don’t like is it’s not rigid enough and the suction sucks.” It’s a mixed bag, but if you’re willing to overlook some flaws, it might just be the right fit for you.

Dragon Dildo 10inch Long Curve Anal Dildo, Thin Fantastic Pink Suction Cup Dildos Anal Butt Plug Adult Toys Dildo for Beginners Women Men Gay

Perfect in every way

Priced at $18.88, this 10-inch dragon dildo with an S-shape curve is a colorful delight. Havoc praised it, “Not too thick, not too thin and the head is easy to slide in.” It’s easy to clean, and the multi-color design makes it visually appealing.

Good size but very soft

However, TabbieFayth found it a bit too floppy, saying, “Imagine trying to have fun with a real one that’s not quite erect yet.” While the length and design are appreciated, its softness might not work for everyone.

Great feel but bad suction cup

Another user pointed out, “The suction cup will not hold on to anything!” So, while it’s perfect for beginners with its gradual girth increase, the suction cup might be a letdown.

8.3 Inch Tentacle Realistic Monster Dildo, Big Thick Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup for Adult, Liquid Silicone Octopus Huge Butt Plug Trainer Prostate Massager Sex Toys for Women

Adult alien toy

This 8.3-inch tentacle dildo is a unique beast. Jamie enthused, “Glows in my black light, looks pretty neat, and serves its purpose just fine.” Made from soft silicone, it’s designed to stimulate the G-spot with its S-shaped tentacle arms.

It’s firm

Kristie appreciated its firmness, noting, “Holds shape well, not squishy so it holds its shape.” The colorful design with rainbow glitter adds to its allure.

What a stretch

Another user shared, “Some of my other toys used to stay in until I got this.” It’s a versatile toy with a strong suction cup, ideal for various types of play. However, beware of the smell, as one user complained, “The worst smell imaginable.”

Realistic Dildo Sex Toys – 8′ Thick Giant Dragon Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Adult Toys for G Spot Stimulation, Huge Monster Silicone Dildos Anal Plug Prostate Massager

Fill your thirsty hole with this huge sexy dragon design dildo

This purple beast from Mikilnqilo is designed for those who love a challenge. The 8-inch length and thick girth promise deep, satisfying penetration. Its soft silicone material and raised points provide a realistic feel that hits all the right spots, whether it’s your G-spot, anus, or prostate.

The seductive combination of tenderness and excitement will ignite your senses

The mix of pink and purple colors adds excitement to your playtime, while the sturdy suction cup allows for hands-free fun. One satisfied customer, Gianna Taber, noted the beautiful design and strong suction cup, saying it works perfectly. Another user, Kay Marie, praised its size and texture, calling it “ABSOLUTELY amazing, perfect for swinger parties.”

Not just for women

This toy is popular with men, gays, lesbians, and couples. The realistic texture and soft material make it a hit for everyone. Rose, another happy user, mentioned the toy’s realistic feel and strong suction cup, making it a “perfect go-to toy.”

9.44INCH Huge Realistic Dildo Dragon Silicone Thick Dildos for Hands-Free Play, Sex Toys for Men/Women/Couples/Gay, Flexible Cock for G-spot Anal Prostate Stimulation, Bronze

Thicker and larger size for intense sensations

This bronze beauty from Dshegcu offers a substantial 9.44 inches of pleasure, with a 7.48-inch insertable length and a 1.96-inch diameter. The lifelike dragon pattern and vivid glans add a strong visual impact, while the powerful suction cup ensures hands-free enjoyment.

If you’re seeking a unique addition to your collection, this may be for you

MLA, a couple familiar with intimate accessories, noted the dildo’s unique design and appealing color. They did mention its softness affecting usability, but still found it a worthwhile addition to their collection. Bael, another user, loved the unique texture and design, saying it added to their collection of monster dildos.

A pleasurable experience for adventurous users

LT Beasimer praised the monster bone’s intense sensations and powerful suction cup, making it ideal for back-door play. While not for beginners, minimal training can make this toy a favorite for those seeking intense pleasure.

10.2′ Huge Dildo Thick Fantasy Dildo Giant Monster Dildo with Eye-Shaped Testis, Dragon Dildo Big Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Alien Dildo Silicone Animal Dildo, Adult Sex Toys for Women, Men

Look this monster in the eyes

Laphwing’s 10.2-inch monster dildo is a unique addition to any collection. Its eye-shaped testis and random color-mixing craftsmanship make each dildo special. Sandy, a satisfied customer, mentioned the fabulous colors and detailed eyes, adding that the toy is easy to clean and has a perfect firmness.

Very unique and awesome

Raine loved the pronounced veins and ridges along the shaft, saying it was the right size and density for their needs. Steve found the tapered head helpful for easier insertion, while Jessica Renae was amazed by the alien design, wanting it in all colors.

A unique toy for collectors and users alike

Reis Asher described the toy as the strangest in their collection, with its large eyes and interesting textures. While it might be too big for some, the right preparation can make it a favorite. The discreet packaging ensures privacy for all users.

Luminous Dragon Dildo, 8.46 Inch Monster Realistic Dildo, Silicone Women G Spot Anal Prostate Dildo Anal Plug with Suction Cup Adult Sex Toy for Women Glow in The Dark

Glow in the dark fun

The Luminous Dragon Dildo from SOOUZEE brings a whole new dimension to nighttime play. This 8.46-inch dildo glows in the dark, adding excitement to your sessions. The pink and blue colors make it visually appealing, while the ridges and bumps enhance the pleasure.

The texture is delightful

One user mentioned the delightful texture, though they don’t use it often due to its size. Another user praised Uberrime’s designs, comparing them favorably to this luminous dragon dildo. The toy’s soft liquid silicone ensures a comfortable experience.

A unique addition to your collection

Geeky Sex Toys fans will appreciate the unique design and glowing feature. The sturdy suction cup allows for hands-free play, making it a versatile addition to any collection. The discreet packaging ensures privacy for all users.

Dragon Dildo, Realistic Thick Monster Dildo with Suction, 8.1inch Pink Silicone Alien Dildo Anal Plug Toys for Women Couples

Realistic alien dildo with knotted texture

This 8.1-inch pink alien dildo from HANXUEBER features a raised knotted texture for added pleasure. The premium silicone material is waterproof and odorless, ensuring a comfortable experience. The luminous feature adds an extra layer of excitement.

The texture is delightful

A user mentioned the delightful texture, though they prefer Vixen Creations for everyday use. Another user praised Geeky Sex Toys for their unique designs, comparing them to this alien dildo. The durable suction cup allows for hands-free play.

Confidential package for discreet delivery

The discreet packaging ensures privacy for all users, making it a great addition to any collection. The flexible design and strong suction cup make it a versatile toy for various positions and play scenarios.

8 inch Realistic Dildo Squirting Sea Jelly Color Pink Silicone Dragon Dildo with Suction Cup, Big Dog Dildo Thick Anal Plug Toy for Women Men Gay and Couples

Good product for the price

This dragon dildo is an absolute beast, and it’s ready to take you on a wild ride. For $33.39, you get an 8-inch long, 2.7-inch wide pink silicone dragon that’s not just about size but also about squirting action. It’s equipped with an injection device and two spray tools—syringe and suction ball—making it easy to create the ultimate fantasy experience. As one reviewer, Mike Kruger, said, “got exactly what I paid for, was good for the price.”

Unique mixed color

The sea jelly and pink color blend isn’t just paint; it’s mixed into the silicone itself, ensuring no leaks or wash-off, even in steamy bath sessions. “Absolutely body-safe to play even in high temperature bath play,” says another happy customer.

Strong suction cup

With a powerful suction cup, this big dog dildo sticks to any flat surface, allowing for hands-free fun. Ravin mentioned, “The sucking cup holds quit well. Perfect for a kinky night of fun.” So, whether you’re in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, this dragon’s got your back.

3 Inch Width Horse Dildo Huge Dildo, Massive Dragon Dildo for Gay, Fantasy Dildos for Strap On, Big Realistic Silicone Soft Penis with Suction Cup for Women

Amazing size

This massive 9.8-inch by 3-inch wide dragon dildo is here to stretch your limits. It’s perfect for advanced users looking for a challenge. Marshall said it’s “perfect for advanced stretching,” and he’s not kidding. With a firm but soft silicone material, it’s both comfortable and intense.

Strong suction cup

Its rock-solid suction cup can stick to any smooth surface, allowing for various positions and hands-free fun. Pablo shares, “The suction base is rock solid and does take some effort to remove.” This makes it ideal for adventurous play in any room of the house.

A beautiful monster

This black and red beauty is not just about size but also about design. Nikky Errickson raves, “What you may not be able to tell from the pictures posted but that’s a dragon carved into the shaft.” It’s a visual and tactile delight, making every thrust an experience to remember.

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A huge amount of fun!

This 12-inch monster is not for the faint-hearted. With a length of 12.2 inches and a girth that promises to hit all the right spots, it’s a game-changer. Lucas says, “It’s definitely larger than many things I’ve had before, but that made it even more fun.” The dual-density silicone offers a realistic feel with a soft exterior and a firm core, ensuring an experience like no other.

Suction cup is really good!

Kathleen appreciates the strong suction cup, stating, “I’m always skeptical if the suction on these things, but this one works really well.” Whether you’re in the bathroom or bedroom, this dildo stays put, allowing for hands-free fun.

Great training toy

This dildo is also perfect for those looking to stretch their limits. Moss mentions, “Overall, a great toy for training up to larger/thicker toys.” It’s a step up from the 3 Inch Width Horse Dildo, offering more length and a unique texture for those ready to take their play to the next level.

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Awesome toy

For a mere $25.99, this 9-inch fantasy dildo is a steal. It’s got three widths from 1.7 inches to 2.6 inches, making it perfect for those who want to challenge themselves gradually. As Frug puts it, “Really great toy. Good size, good girth and a really good firmness.”

Giant dildo with unique design

The thin head allows for easy entry, while the textured shaft and pumpkin-shaped nodule at the base offer extreme stimulation. Kate loves how it feels, stating, “I love how soft this product is. Not too soft but the perfect amount to hit all those special pressure points.”

Powerful suction cup

This dildo’s suction cup is unbeatable, sticking to any smooth surface for hands-free fun. Dahlia appreciates its design, saying, “I LOVE the colors on this one! Easy to clean, size is perfect!” This dildo is all about delivering intense pleasure with every use.

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Bigger than you think

At $23.99, this 10.2-inch long tentacle dildo is a colorful beast. Rayna loves the material, saying, “I love the material it’s made of, firm but flexible and it has a suction cup! Pretty colors and so big.” This dildo is designed for those who crave intense, visually stimulating experiences.

A really cool and different toy!

Its fantasy design and tentacle-like texture provide unique sensations. IndicaGoddess7 recommends it for anyone looking to spice up their collection, stating, “It’s rigid enough that you can definitely feel the ridges but soft and flexible enough that they don’t cause any harm.”

Don’t underestimate its size!

This dildo isn’t just long; it’s got a width of 2.4 inches, making it a real challenge. BD Adventure warns, “Ever look at a toy and say, ‘yeah, I can handle that.’ I did when I saw this one. I think I will be able to eventually.” The stiff yet flexible design ensures it hits all the right spots, offering a unique and satisfying experience.

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a fantasy monster dildo you deserve

Alright, toy enthusiasts, meet Syvern, the dazzling dragon dildo from Catkoco. If you’re into unique toys, this one’s a gem with its blue, purple, and orange mix. With a flexible glans, bulging veins, and a seductive knot, it’s a treat for advanced players. Jason K. raves, “My girlfriend loved the feeling, vibrating stimulation,” while Bakedbrat_666 is all about “the pumping option and its softness.”

9.53″ great knot dildo with 10 full-body vibrating modes

This beast has a 9.53″ total length with a challenging knot. The 10 vibrating modes are designed to make you go wild. Sean Vaillancourt gushes, “So easy to use, so silky smooth, stretches you in all the right places.” And if you enjoy versatility, the squirting feature can take things up a notch. Grab it for $42.99 or join Prime for a better deal.

suction cup dildo & ipx6 waterproof design

The strong suction cup allows for hands-free play, whether in the shower or on bedroom tiles. This toy is waterproof but don’t dunk it underwater. Knotty mentions, “Knotted + Vibrating + Squirting is a lot to work with so there’s a bit of a learning curve on this thing, but it’s pretty good once you have some practice.”

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exotic curved shaped animal dildo

This 9.25-inch dragon dildo from HANXUEBER is a visual treat with its exotic wolf shape and vibrant colors. Ellie loves it, saying, “Great length, on the softer side, feels great, and has a powerful suction cup!” With a width of 2.3 inches and a firm suction cup, you can stick it on any smooth surface and play from any angle.

unique mixed color

Charlotte Russell adds, “Arrived super quick and discreetly packaged, and no horrible scents.” The hand-mixed colors ensure no leaks or wash-offs, even in hot baths. This toy is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of a challenge with its raised knot.

strong suction cup

Don Juan chimes in, “Nice and soft and no harsh smell. Once she made it past the knot her mind was blown.” The suction cup holds firm, letting you explore various positions without a hitch. Penny warns, “Be aware that the toy itself isn’t very firm,” so if you prefer a softer touch, this one’s for you.

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realistic horse style dildo

Say hello to the 12-inch horse dildo from HANXUEBER, designed for high stimulation. HighPlainsDriftedin notes, “Not super big but with the head being a little bigger than the shaft is a little weird at first.” This toy is great for those who love deeper play with a lifelike texture.

proud of premium silicone

Made from non-toxic, odorless silicone, this toy is body-safe and smooth. Amazon Customer shares, “Cup sticks great to the wall. No rubbery taste or smell.” The material ensures no rash or abrasion, even during steamy shower sessions.

play everywhere you want

The powerful suction cup means you can play in the bedroom, living room, or bathroom. Mark Kubik, however, found it “worthless for anal-sex” due to lack of firmness. If you’re into softer toys that fill you up, this one’s a solid pick.

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unique dragon shaped

Laphwing’s 8.6-inch dragon tongue dildo is a piece of art with its dragon head base and ridges. Bellum, however, warns, “Had a strange chemical smell when it arrived,” but the seller quickly refunded the order. Lauren Sullivan, on the other hand, praises it, “Super fun! The material is soft and smooth.”

super strong suction cup dildo

The sturdy suction cup sticks to any smooth surface, making it great for couples looking to spice things up. It’s also strap-on compatible for various play options. Miranda Rachel loves it, saying, “The design is so cool and the texture is silky.”

premium liquid silicone dildo

Made from body-safe silicone, this toy is flexible and easy to clean. Emily Gilligan found it perfect for her fantasy cosplay, saying, “This worked great for my elven fantasy cosplay videos.” With a usable length of 5.9 inches, it’s ideal for beginners easing into bigger toys.

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glow silicone material

JM JUST MUST brings you a 7.5-inch glowing fantasy dildo that’s soft and body-safe. Miss Steffie says, “You get that full feeling but not overwhelming.” The hand-mixed colors won’t leak or wash out, making each toy unique.

super suction cup & soft

This toy sticks to any smooth surface, letting you enjoy it from any angle. Stephanie Perkins notes, “It’s a little smaller than I expected but has a nice feel to it.” The 100% waterproof design makes it easy to clean and perfect for shower play.

discreet packaging

Your privacy is a priority, with discreet packaging ensuring no prying eyes. Tylor loves it, saying, “By far this is our favorite one!” With a textured surface, this toy provides various sensations, depending on its position.

Monster Double-Ended Dildo, 10.8 inch Huge Tentacle Realistic Dildo Silicone Big Anal Dildo with Strong Suction Cup, Tongue G-spot Dildo Lifelike Fake Penis Adult Sex Toys for Women

The suction cup works better than expected

This wild ride, my friends, is the Monster Double-Ended Dildo. It’s got a tongue and tentacle on each end, ready to hit those G-spots and P-spots like a pro. With a strong suction cup that sticks to almost anything – chairs, tables, shower walls – you’ve got hands-free fun wherever you want. Minerva Mink raves, “The suction cup is leaps and bounds better than most and works better than you expect.”

Soft enough to be gentle, stiff enough to do the job

Crafted from body-safe silicone, this dildo is firm yet flexible, ensuring a comfortable experience. Minerva Mink also mentions, “Soft enough to be gentle, stiff enough to do the job.” So, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can explore both ends simultaneously for double the pleasure. And let’s not forget, each one is uniquely colored, mixing red and black silicone, making every piece one-of-a-kind.

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The small tapered tip makes insertion very easy

Meet the 8.7inch Realistic Tentacle Dildo, a colorful addition to your collection. This bad boy is perfect for both anal and vaginal play, with a small tapered tip that makes insertion a breeze. A forum user shared, “Their beautiful designs are quirky, full of interesting features, and straight-up innovative at times.” The tentacle design with depressions and protrusions will give you a unique and cool stimulation.

Quality control is big from them

Crafted from 100% silicone, this dildo is environmentally friendly and body-safe. One user mentioned, “Quality control is big from them, and any issues I’ve had they’ve made it up to me immediately.” Plus, it boasts a strong suction cup for hands-free enjoyment, sticking to tables, walls, and floors without budging. Enjoy the discreet packaging and get ready to dive into a world of fantasy and pleasure.

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This thing is a bit of a beast

The 2.3″ Diameter Huge Monster Dildo is not for the faint-hearted. With its thick shaft lined with pronounced veins and beads, this toy promises intense G-spot and P-spot stimulation. Tony Christensen describes it as “a bit of a beast” but highlights its sturdy yet flexible build. The 4.8-inch suction cup ensures it stays put during your ride.

So gorgeous, amazing color

This monster dildo also stands out for its aesthetic appeal. Varsity couldn’t help but gush, “So gorgeous, amazing color.” Made from body-safe silicone, it’s both soft to the touch and firm where it counts. Whether you’re stepping up your game or want a challenge, this dildo is perfect for advanced users. And let’s not forget, it’s waterproof for easy cleaning and shower play.

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This guy is trouble

The MOCOYA 8.66 Inch Realistic Dildo is a game-changer for those seeking realistic pleasure. Allie couldn’t stop raving, “I just came over and over and over again… even without any front stimulation.” With an insertable length of 7.28 inches and a diameter of 1.97 inches, this dildo is perfect for those intense, slow, and gentle play sessions.

The ribs feel amazing at any speed

Made from 100% silicone, it’s safe, non-toxic, and easy to clean. Cristian shared, “Using this anally, the ribs feel amazing at any speed and the material holds lube very well.” The strong suction cup allows for hands-free fun in the shower, on the floor, or even in the living room. With discreet packaging, your privacy is assured. Dive into endless pleasure with this reliable and versatile toy.

8.5″ Realistic Dildo Sex Toy Dragon Dildo Silicone Huge Large Anal Dildo with Powerful Suction Cups for Hands-Free Play Dildo for Female Adult Sensual Sex Toys Anal Plugs for Vaginal G-spot

The coloration is beautiful

The 8.5″ Realistic Dragon Dildo is a masterpiece of design and pleasure. B-Rad G couldn’t help but praise its aesthetics, “The coloration is beautiful. It’s even more beautiful in person.” This dildo, with its S-curved shape and unique textures, promises a wild ride for vaginal, anal, and prostate stimulation.

The ridges and bumps are in all the perfect places

Crafted from safe liquid silicone, it’s both soft and durable. Ceil shared, “It’s got all the right ridges and bumps in all the perfect places.” With a super strong suction cup, you can stick it to any hard surface and enjoy hands-free fun. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this dragon dildo is designed to hit all the right spots. Enjoy the discreet packaging and let the adventure begin.

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The intricate design and unique feel

This Thick Huge Monster Dildo is a standout in any collection. Combining a glossy black shaft with a copper-colored base, it’s both classy and intense. The intricate pattern and zipper texture add extra stimulation. “WOW, awesome,” says David Rose, who praised its fit and feel, especially for advanced users. Amanda adds, “The knot and the zipper texture provide an exciting adventure.”

Perfect size for advanced players

Measuring a full 8.8 inches with a 2.16-inch diameter, this dildo is designed for those who crave that full, knotty sensation. According to Adrian, “It’s so thick and big, stretching in ways that feel the best.” The soft silicone material ensures comfort and safety, while the strong suction cup allows hands-free play in any position. Smith noted that the suction cup works well, and it’s perfect for solo or partnered fun.

Waterproof and easy to clean

With a waterproof design, this dildo is easy to clean and perfect for shower fun. Haley confirms, “The material is soft and smooth, making it a breeze to clean.” Whether you’re exploring alone or with a partner, the Thick Huge Monster Dildo offers a fulfilling experience with every use.

Fantasy Realistic Dildo for Hand-Free Play, Tentacle Dildos with Strong Suction Cup, Amazing Dragon Dildo Adult Toys for Women G-spot Masturbation and Male Prostate Play

A unique texture with tentacle delight

The Fantasy Realistic Dildo stands out with its tentacle design and 47 octopus suckers. This toy dives deep into your G-spot or P-spot, providing intense pleasure. Anari loves the “very good texture” and “girthy and firm” feel, while Rachel admires its “beautiful color” and strong suction cup. This toy is a visual treat and a pleasure powerhouse.

Strong suction cup for versatile play

This dildo’s suction cup attaches to any smooth surface, making it versatile for shower or bed play. At 9.2 inches with an 8.4-inch insertable length, it’s perfect for those seeking an intense experience. Ozzie found it “very thick” and noted that it’s not for beginners, but provides a thrilling adventure for those ready to take the plunge.

High-quality, body-safe material

Made of jelly material, this dildo is soft and flexible. It’s easy to clean with warm water and soap, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Bread Trashpanda appreciated the “great texture and fun use,” making this tentacle dildo a must-have for anyone looking to expand their collection.

7.9 inch Realistic Dildo, Clear Dragon Dildo with Strong Suction Cup for Hands-Free Play, Anal Dildo for Vaginal Stimulation, Soft Material Adult Sex Toy for Beginner, Women, and Couples

Ideal for beginners

The 7.9 inch Realistic Dildo is perfect for those new to the fantasy world. Its clear, soft TPE material and 5.5-inch insertable length make it approachable yet satisfying. Crissie Gilmore loved its “soft but sturdy” feel, and the suction cup makes it easy to use in the shower or on a mirror.

Powerful suction and easy cleaning

This dildo’s suction cup allows for hands-free play on any smooth surface. Maria found it “great for shower stuff” and easy to clean. Its slight curve and smooth texture add to the pleasure, making it a fantastic addition to any collection.

Aesthetic and practical

With its clear design, this dildo is visually appealing and functional. Petal H noted it’s “smaller than expected,” making it a great display piece. The Realistic Dildo combines beauty and pleasure in one package, perfect for both beginners and experienced users.

5.4 Inch Realistic Dildo Fantasy Dildo Dragon DildoButt Plugs Soft Anal Dildo Sex Toys Anal Plug Adult Sex Toy Flexible G-spot Liquid Silicone Dildo

Compact and cute design

This 5.4-inch dildo is uniquely designed with colorful jelly particles, making it a distinctive addition to your collection. Jon L. praised its “incredible feel” and the ridges that provide extra stimulation. The size is perfect for those who prefer a smaller toy with a big impact.

Safe and soft silicone material

Made of body-safe silicone, this dildo is phthalate and latex-free. It’s firm yet flexible, ensuring a comfortable experience. Jonathan Gavaldon was impressed by its “quality material” and design, making it a great value for its price.

Strong suction and easy to use

The suction cup allows for hands-free play on horizontal surfaces. Leslie Cain found it “cute” and perfect for beginners. This dildo is not only fun to use but also easy to clean, making it a practical and enjoyable addition to your toy collection.

Dragon Dildo Huge Fantasy Monster Dildo, Soft Thick Vibrator for Women, Big Silicone Dildos, Lifelike Penis with Suction Cup Black & Red

Impressive size and design

This Huge Fantasy Monster Dildo is a beast at 9.1 inches with a 3.2-inch diameter. Its black and red silicone design is both visually striking and functional. Lee Sanders described it as “big enough to feel like a challenge but manageable,” especially with its strong vibrations.

Multiple vibration modes

Offering more than 10 vibrations, this dildo can be controlled manually, with a remote, or via the Wildolo APP. M. loved the “great thickness and amazing vibration,” finding it perfect for hands-free play with its powerful suction cup. The app feature adds an extra layer of fun and customization.

High-quality material and remote control

Made of high-quality silicone, this dildo is body-safe and easy to clean. Bee praised its “amazing texture” and powerful vibrations, making it a top choice for anyone looking to add some excitement to their sex life.


Navigating the world of dragon dildos can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. We’ve covered a spectrum of options, each with its unique flair and appeal. For those on a budget, LEEWEDENG’s 8.1-inch dragon dildo at $14.89 offers quality without breaking the bank. If a glow-in-the-dark feature tickles your fancy, the 8.2-inch luminous dragon dildo is a must-try. And for those ready to take on a beast, the 11.8-inch monster dildo promises an intense experience. No matter your preference, there’s a dragon dildo out there to make your fantasies soar. So go ahead, pick your dragon, and let the magic begin!